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A: A touch of France

Posted in Restaurant reviews with tags , on November 5, 2008 by gluttondressedaslamb

Tucked away behind a flight of stairs on Mends Street in South Perth sits a real gem of a patisserie. It’s a proper french patisserie owned by a proper french man who also is the masterful creator behind all the proper french baked goods. Come here on Sunday morning and you will almost definitely have to queue. Customers call ahead for their baguettes just in case and their petit fours look almost too good to eat!

My personal favourite?

Almond and custard croissant!

Almond and custard croissant!

Just perfect. Flaky pastry? Tick. Rich, smooth custard filling? Tick. Crunchy almond topping? TICK! Definitely my preferred high-calorie start to the day!

R and GFM were due to arrive for our red pepper roast off later that day, which opened up a perfect opportunity for me to procure a generous selection of mini fruit tarts as well this Sunday morning.

I opted for the fail-safe "one of everything" approach.

I opted for the fail-safe"one of everything" approach!

We also bought some coffee and chocolate profiteroles, which disappeared a little too quickly for a photo opportunity!

These mini fruit tarts are mounded sky-high with the custard filling and loaded with beautiful, generous servings of fruit. One tart provides a decent 2-3 mouthfuls (or 1 gluttonous stuffed mouth) and was a perfect end to an afternoon on the balcony roasting peppers and drinking strawberry daiquiris!

Piled high custard pie!

Piled high custard pie!

Strawberry daiquiris courtesy of wholesale market, fresh minty garnish courtesy of R's bountiful garden harvest!

Strawberry daiquiris courtesy of wholesale market, fresh minty garnish courtesy of R's bountiful garden harvest!

La Gallette De France

Shop 3, 35 Mends Street

South Perth, WA 6151

ph: (08) 9474 9730


A: Garden update

Posted in Restaurant reviews on October 24, 2008 by gluttondressedaslamb
A little help to keep the baddies at bay!

A little help to keep the baddies at bay!

This week really felt like spring for a brief, brief moment as the sun shone its heart out and flowers burst open with mad colour in the parks and gardens. Then the heavens opened and unleashed a wet and wonderful downpour for all to enjoy as the temperature dipped to a chilly shiver once again. My version of the weather report aside, I am happy to announce my first ladybug of the season. Seen here resting comfortably on my chilli plant, ever-vigilant on the prowl for all them garden badboys.

I have been keeping a firm eye on my rocket and lettuce, and am totally rapt at their slow but very steady progress as they inch their way into my salad bowl!

They seem happy nestled into either side of the Meyer lemon tree, which is also doing well. We’re not expecting fruit this season, just trying to keep it happy until it is ready to fruit!!!

At last count we have 8 chilli plants on our generously-sized balcony, 4 long reds, 2 small round reds, 1 medium-length red and 1 small purple one. Who knows what their real names are, I was given most of these from a colleague’s garden and between the 2 of us this is the best in terms of labelling that we could come up with. Lots of healthy leaves at the moment and a couple of flowers but it looks like a promising chilli harvest awaits us. 🙂

Off to the Canningvale wholesale markets tomorrow with R. A cursory glance at my burgeoning fridge tells me that this is not a good idea, but greed and gluttony soon prevail so wholesale markets, here we come!

A: Shanks you very much!

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MWD with the girls on Monday followed by lunch at Sitella on Friday. You’d think I might be able to stay away from Swan valley for just a few more days but NO! Man and I decided to head to Duckstein for lunch today. The weather was lovely and we managed to get there just after opening, which was a good idea seeing how it was completed booked for indoor seating and we had to sit out in the courtyard!

Mmmm.... beer...

Mmmm.... beer...

We decided on the Cloudy Pils (our current Duckstein favourite) and I of course had the pork shank. Man’s meal choice was embarrassing considering we were at a German brew house– fish and chips. Sigh.

Having only recently tried the pork shank at Elmar’s, I am decidedly in favour of the Elmar’s over Duckstein for shank. The skin on the Elmar’s shank is far superior– crispy and totally edible, where the Duckstein shank’s skin was very chewy and not really worth the extra calories! The potatoes served at Elmar’s are crisp and gorgeously steamy on the inside compared to the so-so fried potatoes at D. Basically, Elmar’s have totally mastered the crisp-factor where it comes to potato and shank skin, where D really falls short. The shank itself was still quite lovely at D and went just beautifully with our pils. Beers between the 2 breweries are still comparable and quite competitive. No complaints in that department!

All in all it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Or any afternoon on any given day of the week, really.

We then headed to The Margaret River Chocolate Company for a look-see, which turned into a gluttonous chocolate frenzy culminating in a A$100 bill! Yay for champagne truffles and designer chocolate bars!!!

A: It’s elemental my dear Watson…

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R and I take MWDs every so often– Mental Wellbeing Days. It’s not something we treat lightly or with frivolity, but every so often, life chucks one of its curveballs at you, and laden with the demands of the mean and the heartless it’s tiresome to keep dodging while trying to maintain some semblance of sanity and competence!

SO, here’s me on school holidays and R in between jobs. Throw in newly singled friend P and voila, a recipe for a successful MWD in the valley! Swan valley, that it.

The weather forecast is bleak, but spirits are high as we set off to Mash brewery for pre-lunch drinks. R orders, which means we inevitably end up with pre-lunch nibbles too. Although I am still suffering the grumps from having been denied the Mash tasting platter. Grr.

We get the beer-tasting plate (more like basket really)– 1 each, of course. Oh and the all-important wedges to keep stomach acids happy. The seasonal Mex was a clear favourite from the start, with the Pale Ale receiving boos all round (tasted like grapefruit pith, so if that’s your thing you go your hardest with the Pale). The Black (dark lager) was lovely and rich, and just perfect to finish off our tasting as we headed off to Elmar’s for lunch.

A: Of course it’s not too much. There’s 3 of us- we’ll be fine.

R: Really?

P: …

45 minutes later, we sit defeated as half a pork shank, half a beer bratwurst, lots of beautiful roast potatoes, luscious mash and sauerkraut stare back at us as we slump over the the edges of our seats feeling satisfied but distinctly gluttonous and possibly a little sick.

YOU CANNOT GO TO ELMARS AND NOT HAVE THE PORK SHANK. So there. Having said that, the mash that came with the beer bratwurst was really morish, with bits of meat and green stuff and all sorts of goodies speckled through it. The applesauce was chunky and and eat-with-a-spoon-out-of-the-pot material and it just wouldn’t be a German experience without the ubiquitous sauerkraut. The beer-tasting plate was a little dissapointing (only because we’d just been to Mash), with 3 beers served in wine-tasting glasses without fancy labels or glass holders. However, the beers was still quite lovely and we especially enjoyed the one that smelt like mangoes (can’t remember the name and the website is currently down so I’m unable to double check).

A: We should head to Riverbank for the dessert platter!!!

R: …

P: …

And off we went.

Ok, so we all had to admit defeat when it came to dessert. But not entirely ready to throw in the towel, we settled for a creme brulee to share between the 3 of us.

R had a ciok, which is basically an Italian hot chocolate so thick you could stand your spoon in it (not quite, but you get the idea).

Not quite as thick as they do it in Italy, but a pretty decent attempt nonetheless.

I had to have (yes, a man with a gun might as well have been standing next to me, it’s THAT compelling) the affogato. I always have the affogato at Riverbank. If not for presentation alone, it really is a really well orchestrated coffee experience worth savouring. P caved and had a measly flat white (weak!).

By the time I thought to take a photo, I had already thrown the espresso in with the ice-cream and drunk half of it!

By the time I thought to take a photo, I had already thrown the espresso in with the ice-cream and drunk half of it! I opted to have it with the Muscat (a sticky wine-yum!)

5 hours later, we all roll home (quite literally) deeply satisfied and planning our next big eat-out in the valley!

(The day worked out to A$50 per person. Talk about bang for buck!)

A: Back from England!

Posted in Restaurant reviews with tags on July 18, 2008 by gluttondressedaslamb

Congratulations to my big sister on finishing her Masters degree in Linguistics and TESOL! To celebrate we decided to do a whirlwind tour of the south coast of England before heading to her graduation ceremony. Seeing how it would have been summer, I thought it was a genius idea. Having lived in England for 3 years, you’d have thought I would know better than to expect English weather to be predictable. It poured! It didn’t just pour, it stormed!!! Oh well, at least we did get to eat at Michelin star restaurant, Elephant as well as pig out on lovely summer berries and good old fashioned English fair. Will update on the trip in bits but here’s some photos from an amazing dinner at Elephant to start. Bon appetit!

duck egg

Low temperature cooked duck egg with Deli Farm cured ham and salted toffee pea soup

OMG the duck egg was sublime. Still translucent and only just cooked as it burst forth with warm yolk into the pea soup. If it were socially acceptable to lick one’s plate at a first-rate restaurant, I would have so been there.

Fillet of aged Devon beef on the bone, creamed wild garlic mash, celeriac chips and red wine jus

Fillet of aged Devon beef on the bone, creamed wild garlic mash, celeriac chips and red wine jus

Perfectly pink, melt-in-your-mouth, beautifully pink and adorned with the sweetest most adorable little mushrooms. Carnivore heaven.

Sweet cicely panna cotta with pineapple carpaccio and a carrot and orange mousse

Sweet cicely panna cotta with pineapple carpaccio and a carrot and orange mousse

I could have eaten an entire pineapple’s worth of carpaccio. Wafer-thin, crispy and beautifully sweet-sour. Yum.

The decor at Elephant isn’t amazing, that has to be said (given the prices you pay for the food). But the view to the sea is wonderful, as is the service and cocktail selection, oh and the food of course.

Go there now!!!