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R: Sow how?

Posted in gardening on November 2, 2008 by gluttondressedaslamb

When A decided she wanted to grow salad leaves from seed, I imparted some sage- (har har)-ly advice gleaned from my past successes: scatter wildly with careless abandon, hope for nothing and they WILL come.

A dutifully employed the R method of sowing and voila!, she now has baby salad leaves waiting to grow big and tasty. Both of us are extremely pleased with this urm, laisse fare gardening :o), so I didn’t quite expected any one to be able to top this. Not even GFM……

2 weeks ago, we bougth a nice juicy honey dew from the Subi Markets. I scooped out the seeds in the centre, membrane and all, and put them in a bowl with water to soak. GFM could then have his fun in trying to grow honey dew melons in our tiny tiny garden.

By the time GFM got round to planting them a couple of days later, the bowl was all a gooey mush. So he chucked the entire contents of the bowl in the soil. Guess what?

A thousand honeydew seedlings, sitting in the soil

A thousand honeydew seedlings, sitting in the soil

His method reigns supreme!!


R: Beetroot Bonanza!

Posted in gardening, Vegetables on October 30, 2008 by gluttondressedaslamb
Just when we least expected it!

The one and only that made it

A little garden can be full of big surprises~! GFM’s done it again! 🙂

R: Strawberry Shortcut

Posted in gardening on October 24, 2008 by gluttondressedaslamb

GFM has, as his name suggests, relatively green fingers. He’s grown veggies of all sorts, broccolini, cauliflower, beans, peas, potatoes, radishes, and more. One plant however has always evaded this success. We’ve tried seeds from Yates and Jamie Durie, we tried seeds of different plants, we’ve also tried sowing them in different seasons. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Nothing for something that’s supposedly easy to grow!


Determined to have the last laugh, we decided to skip the germinate-it-yourself stage and get strawberry plants instead. They looked like they were struggling at the start, but lookie lookie nowie!



Harvest!! WHEEEEE!! *throws strawberry in the air*

R: Fresh food person

Posted in gardening, Vegetables on October 16, 2008 by gluttondressedaslamb
Peas- fresh from the pod

Peas- fresh from the pod

You really can’t beat the fresh sweet crunch of a pea picked from your very own garden

A: Wax on, wax off.

Posted in gardening with tags on October 10, 2008 by gluttondressedaslamb

The gardener at work has recently put in some beautiful Geralton Wax plants– pink, white, and some varieties I have never seen before. I went in to work today for a little while, and simply could not resist a quick snip! There is something oh-so rustic and earthy about native Australian flora, and I know these cuttings will last a good week or 2 before they’ll need throwing out. Bargain!

A: Spring lunch

Posted in gardening, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , on October 8, 2008 by gluttondressedaslamb

5 weeks in and it’s finally starting to look like spring. What better weather than this to enjoy some precious balcony time with my fellow holidaying teachers?

Having people over always motivates me to clean and tidy. Spent 2 consecutive days at Ikea, initially to purchase some glasses for school and ended up with new shoe racks, napkins, placemats, glasses for home as well as for work. At least I didn’t forget to buy the glasses! On arrival I insisted everyone worship my newly sprouted rocket and lettuce seedlings.

Only after all my guests had oooooh-ed and aaaaaah-ed to my satisfaction were they allowed appetizers! I am genuinely excited about my seedlings. On R’s advice I had opted for the haphazard-sprinkling technique when planting my seeds. Step 1: Open packet. Step 2: Sprinkle seeds on soil. Step 3: Sprinkle some soil over seeds. Step 4: Water in. Step 5: Watch like a hawk!!! My seedlings sit in the same pot as my dwarf lemon tree, which means I am able to dedicate a solid watch-plants-grow session every possible moment of my day!

A great one-stop-shop for food to impress, I decided to head down to the Boatshed to stock up on some gastronomic delights for my 4 guests. This is where I discovered this:

I think they showcased about 4-5 different types of spinach, among which lay this beautiful deep purple mountain spinach. It’s flavour profile is quite similar to radicchio but with more sweet than bitter. Either way, it looked real pretty sitting among the green of its other spinach friends, roasted pumpkin and nut-brown roasted pinenuts.

This is also where I go for sicilian olives– my new favourite antipasti dish. Almost flourescent green, the sicillian olive is mild and EXTREMELY morish! Nowhere near as salty or tart as the kalamata but far more interesting than black olives. I still have some leftover in the fridge, which I plan to attack Nigella-style later tonight. 🙂

While putting together my pre-lunch munchies, I realised that I’d inevitably created some sort of edible united nations! Let’s see– Sicilian olives, pita crisps (middle eastern?), Persian feta, Mexican salami (lots of chilli, beware!) and finally the unavoidable cacciatore sausage!

And don’t forget the West Australian olive oil, egyptian style dukkah, Australian semi-sundried tomatoes and home-made marinated artichokes!!!

Despite the gourmet spread laid out before her, little K decides that a dusty old table looks far more palatable. STOP EATING TABLE!

Despite the gourmet spread laid out before her, little K decides that a dusty old table looks far more palatable. STOP EATING TABLE!

For lunch we had a roast that was horrid (seriously), balanced by a gorgeous 4-cheese baked polenta and a warm pumpkin and spinach salad! Then there was dessert…

Chocolate mousse and strawberries marinated in balsamic and basil, inspired by Karen Martini’s Where the Heart Is. The mousse was so rich only the brave and the greedy (which happened to be the same one person) managed to finish the entire 200ml serving! I am constantly amazed by the transformation that occurs when strawwberry meets balsamic. Pure alchemy. Plus basil? Genius.

So that was my mid-week lunch special, courtesy of fine weather and good company. Highly recommended for the disheartened and the bored. 🙂

A: Meyer meyer pants on fire!!!

Posted in gardening with tags , , on October 3, 2008 by gluttondressedaslamb

Ok, so man and I had agreed a while ago that we wouldn’t attempt to plant any lemon trees on our balcony. I’d accepted that it just wasn’t practical (we only get evening sun and too much wind) and we both assumed that I’d moved on from the notion that I NEEDED one to other more important considerations in life.


While browsing through my local nursery yesterday, looking for herbs and ground covers for our 2 new planter boxes, I found this!!!

A dwarf lemon tree??? A dwarf MEYER lemon tree??? Best in pots? Not so good in the ground??? It can't be true!!!

A dwarf lemon tree??? A dwarf MEYER lemon tree??? Best in pots? Not so good in the ground??? It can't be true!!!

There was only one thing left for me to do.

Doesn't it look happy?

Don't you think it looks so very happy?

I accept that it might not thrive, but I sure am going to try my darndest to make sure it does, dogganggit!

A sheepish text message to man informs him of this brazen breech of trust, and I spend the rest of my afternoon watching my new lemon tree grow. 🙂

I have also scattered some rocket and lettuce seeds around my new best friend to keep it company, so fingers crossed for my new harvest!