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A: Valentines Day

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Whether you’re a believer or not; swingingly-single or hopelessly in love, any Hallmark celebration is good enough reason for me to get baking!



A: Cupcake fairy.

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Closely related to the fruit fairy (so close you might think they were one and the same person…), arrived the cupcake fairy at my doorstep earlier today. This high-fat-high-cholesterol cousin of the healthy living gym-nut that graces my fruit box every-so-often brought a divine gift of gorgeous vanilla cupcakes. The kind that make you want to hop on your BMX, climb trees and tumble down grassy hills– you know the kind I’m talking about!!!

If at all possible, this tasted better than it looks!

If at all possible, this tasted better than it looks!

What better way to start one’s weekend?

A: Curry in a hurry.

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The house has been a red meat-free zone for a while now. Well not entirely free but we are certainly limiting our consumption of red meat since Man realised that it was affecting his gout in a typical swollen-foot-walk-like-an-old-man kind of way. (Not pretty.)

This combined with the fact that school has officially started  means that food options are once again limited to that of the quick and painless variety, which means quick curries/stews and one-pot wonders.

R and I took a Thai cooking class a couple of years ago, where we discovered that the secret to a good green curry is a good green curry paste, and the secret to a good green curry paste is in actual fact, knowing which brand to buy at your asian grocery store. We asked the class teacher for a recipe for a green curry paste, only to be told that it wasn’t worth it if you didn’t have kaffir limes (not the leaves, but the actual fruit), and to just buy the pre-made stuff! GFM had made his own and brought it to the following class, where he was promptly told by grumpy Thai woman that his was no good and (ironically) too green as he had used the lime leaves, which is apparently a no-no.

Having said that, I have actually managed to find a paste that is super-no preservatives or added artificial anything; hot and fiery and full of flavour. A good pre-made curry paste is worth its weight in gold and I highly recommend doing your research to find one that suits your own tastebuds.

I’m fairly lazy when it comes to mid-week cooking and highly favour the one-pot approach to a balanced meal.

Green curry with chicken and vegetable scraps


2 chicken thighs (thickly sliced) plus 2 chicken wings

Couple of generous handfuls of mixed vegetables (I had half a zucchini, half a red capsicum, some king oyster mushrooms and 2 potatoes sitting about the place, plus some frozen peas for right at the end).

3 heaped tablespoons of green curry paste

250ml coconut milk


1. Stirfry curry paste in half the coconut milk until bubbling and fragrant.


2. Add chicken to the green curry mix and stir for 1-2 minutes.

3. Add potatoes (if using), and any other vegetables that might take a little longer to cook.

4. Halfway through cooking, add extra coconut milk and water, if the the mix is looking too dry, as well as remaining vegetables (except for the peas).

5. Add peas at the end, stir through and serve with steamed rice.


** Makes enough curry for 2 plus leftovers for 2 lunches. (Basically, this feeds 4)

Tinned bamboos and baby sweetcorn also make great additions, as do eggplant and pumpkin. This dish is a great way to clean out bits and pieces in the vegetable crisper!

R:Code-name cupcake

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I recently volunteered to join the morning-tea roster for Dr George O’Neil’s Fresh Start clinic and my turn’s come round to being in sweets.

Having received rather encouraging comments from my birthday cupcake attempts, I decided to bring in cupcakes- and try to get the frosting right this time. The recipe borrowed from A’s Magnolia Bakery cookbook is a brilliant cupcake recipe, it epitomises simple, old fashioned goodness! The house smells so wonderful now, I feel all homely and fuzzy đŸ™‚

The table’s now set, and i’m all ready to go!

CupcakesClockwise from bottom: Pretty sprinkles, Pastel frosting, Latte (for me!) and 53 vanilla cupcakes