A: Hop on the dragon wagon!


It’s one of those fruits that look almost too pretty to eat. Deep pink on the outside with pretty dragonlike green-tipped scales, suprisingly quirky on the inside, decorated in 60s kitsch polka dots. This has got to be one of my favourite fruits of all time! Although available in Australia, it remains pretty costly and often sits all by its lonesome on greengrocer shelves as passers-by stop for a grope and a sniff before placing it back on its shelf to waste its life away. How sad!
While staying with mum back in Singapore, I went slightly overboard in a dragonfruit frenzy if you will, and had an entire fruit all to myself almost everyday! (It was incredibly cheap and I was incredibly greedy-a perilous combination!) I cannot think of a better way to start the day as I meditate over the bright pink flesh (it comes in 2 varieties, white or pink flesh, both with black seeds dotted throughout), scooping mouthful after mouthful while contemplating my day ahead. christmas-new-year-2008-030

Consider it a privilege if your greengrocer stocks this fruit, and do us all a favour and buy one every-so-often, you won’t regret it! I prefer the pink variety (which leaves a tell-tale pink stain on everything it touches, so beware!), but the white one is just as good- sweet and fairly similar to kiwifruit in terms of texture and taste.


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