R: Sodium Surprise

After another eventful Canningvale visit, and a nice relaxing afternoon at Langford, we came home and whipped up some guacamole and tomato salsa to put a little dent in the box of tomatoes and avocados we got.


And as we settled aroung the bbq grilling the capsicums (also from the market), we dug into the dips with our improvised corn chips. Well, improvised by just toasting lavash bread till cripsy, and really because we couldn’t find out favourite coles brand salt reduced corn chips. I like chips that are less salty 😀


Anyway, while waiting for the capsicums to blister, we started looking at the ingredients list on the lavash bread and GASP. It had MORE sodium than the packet of potato chips I got out from the cupboard. That really surprised me because when I eat a potato chip, my first thought is ‘HMM, SALT’. But my first impression of a lavash bread has never been of its saltiness.

There you go! I wonder what other products have caught other people by surprise!


3 Responses to “R: Sodium Surprise”

  1. Grilled capsicum… Yums…..

  2. Love reading your posts which I’d hit while googling for bread. Lavash bread…and salt content more than chips? That’s an eye-opener. Nevertheless, to more important things…would you have any idea where to get lavash bread in Singapore? Pining some with dip 🙂

  3. Hi there, i saw you have a bottle of Pol Roger champagne displayed in one of your glutton spree.

    Can you tell me where can i get one of these?
    My location is in KL.

    Thank you.


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