A: Fruit Fairy.

Our recent visit to the wholesale markets was cancelled, which meant a free lie-in and no more excuses to complete the burgeoning list of household chores. In the midst of pulling out wall fixtures and sanding down walls, who should call on me but the lesser known but highly respected Fruit Fairy! No need for bodyparts under pillows or evil step-sisters for this one to appear- she just does! And look what she brought me:


Now I know it technically isn’t a fruit, but look!


There were loads and loads of these finger-sized carrots in my box of goodies and I am becoming increasingly attached to one that looks like an inquisitive worm, peaking its head out of the mud to say hello.

So, here’s a big thank you to my own personal fruit fairy. The fruit bowl is busting at the seems with vitaminal (yes, I have decided that that should most definitely be a word) goodness and my body thanks you.


4 Responses to “A: Fruit Fairy.”

  1. ack. i forgot we got honeydews! I think they must be hiding behind the carrots. Good reminder, thanks!

  2. That’s an interesting looking carrot you’ve got there!

    I found a market close-ish to Canning Vale you might be interested in.. I’ll be blogging about it soon if I get around to it. It’s called the Swansea Street Markets, which is in Swansea Street East just off Oats St in Vic Park. I’m not sure how the prices compare, but it is quite cheap and the produce isn’t as um… wonky as the Canning Vale Markets. 😉

  3. I love the swansea st markets- that’s where I do my weekly fruit shopping actually!

  4. […] Cupcake fairy. Closely related to the fruit fairy (so close you might think they were one and the same person…), arrived the cupcake fairy at […]

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