A: R.I.P Grandpas.

On Monday 17 November, man received the unfortunate news that his Grandpa has passed. He wasn’t sick and there wasn’t much warning. Just a fall, followed by a quiet passing in the night. Man flew back for the funeral on Wednesday night.

On Thursday 20 November, I received a text message from my Aunt that my Grandpa has also passed. He was pretty sick, and had been for a while. He too, passed quietly in the company of loved ones. Grandpa was cremated at 10a.m. this morning. I was unable to fly home quick enough for the ceremony but man was able to represent me, heading from his grandpa’s to mine.

My grandpa worked hard all his life. He worked primarily as a foot reflexologist and I remember being pertrified of his “foot poking stick” that used to sit in his bumbag just in case. I would beg mum not to let him know if I was sick as he’d turn up at the door with his poking stick in a bid to cure me of my cold. Mind you, it sure worked, but it hurt like hell! Grandpa would bring us fruit galore, convinced that we couldn’t possibly be eating enough bananas. I remember calling him from Australia, and all he wanted to know was the price of milk, meat, if I could get asian vegetables here and how long it took me to drive to work. He was also deeply concerned about whether or not I was able to cook curries and fried rice here. Well, last I checked it takes me 18 minutes to get to work, t-bone steaks are currently on special at $14.99/kg and pasturised milk is $1.69. Asian vegetables are readily available and grandpa was very pleased to hear that I am able to cook all manner of Asian treats in Australia.

When I was 8 he told me that I should sleep on my right side, as sleeping on my left put undue strain on my heart. I don’t know if it’s true, and there’s a very high probability that it’s not, but to this day I still sleep on my right, just in case. When I was 12, he said that I should eat potato crisps while studying and before I sat for my exams as they would help me focus. Again, as an adult I wonder how true this could be, yet as I sit at my computer writing students’ reports, a bowl of crisps rests firmly on my lap, just in case. I remember looking forward to his visits when I used to stay at my grandma’s, as they always meant food. Hot steamed buns, fried noodles, breakfast grandpa style!

He was a fiesty man who didn’t suffer fools lightly, gradually writing off all the doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers within a 50 mile radius of his home either a “rogue”, “crook”, or “robber”.

I’m going to miss my grandpa.

And just in case, I topped up my fruit bowl.

Yes grandpa, we have bananas in Australia. $4.99/kg.


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