R: Dragon eye

I’ve been seeing Longans (Dragon’s eye) in the markets and supermarkets lately going stemless for about $5/kg. It’s a little exciting for me as its one of the fruits I love, but don’t quite get to enjoy in Australia.


Longan also brings back memories: Dad used to fashion these tops out of the seeds and we’ld have challenges to see whose top spun the longest. He also used to belt out “Say you say me” by Lionel Ritchie who he prefers to refer to as “Longan Lychee”.


One Response to “R: Dragon eye”

  1. A: Hahaha I can totally see/hear your dad 1.making these tops 2. singing say you say me and 3. Feeling very proud of himself over the very creative nickname he thought up for lionel ritchie.

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