A: Say cheese!

Sick days at home always gives me an opportunity to

1. Rest.

2. Catch up on my favourite blogs.

3. Bond with my crazy cat.

While reclined on the now deepening woman-sized indent on my couch, laptop balanced precariously on my gluttonous belly with (patent-pending) nose tampons inserted to cease and desist endless snotflow, I came across this video.

A word of warning– don’t watch if at all squeamish about offal or butchery, or if (heaven forbid) vegetarian. It’s basically a short documentary on how to make head cheese. By head, I mean pig’s head, and the cheese bit basically refers to the end result after boiling off and picking all the edible bits from the head and making a jellied terrine with the boiling liquid. Really, really interesting. The way food should be- honest and simple, utilising every last bit of the animal (at least it wasn’t slaughtered for nothing!).

Speaking of low-wastage, the British government recently funded a new initiative championed by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) that aims to help reduce food waste. The Love Food Hate Waste website is simply wonderful. From recipes that use leftovers, to tips on proper food storage and how to save money on your food shop. The forums are loaded with other people’s tips on ways to cut waste and celebrity chefs are all in on it, sharing their own recipes and hints to minimise food waste.

We’re all guilty of the food chuck-out when unused food rots and has to be thrown out. In fact as I type, as overripe pear glares at me from my fruit bowl, begging to be eaten! This website is a great source of information and a wake up call for all who buy too much and use too little (myself included). Check it out. It’s interesting stuff.


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