R: Sow how?

When A decided she wanted to grow salad leaves from seed, I imparted some sage- (har har)-ly advice gleaned from my past successes: scatter wildly with careless abandon, hope for nothing and they WILL come.

A dutifully employed the R method of sowing and voila!, she now has baby salad leaves waiting to grow big and tasty. Both of us are extremely pleased with this urm, laisse fare gardening :o), so I didn’t quite expected any one to be able to top this. Not even GFM……

2 weeks ago, we bougth a nice juicy honey dew from the Subi Markets. I scooped out the seeds in the centre, membrane and all, and put them in a bowl with water to soak. GFM could then have his fun in trying to grow honey dew melons in our tiny tiny garden.

By the time GFM got round to planting them a couple of days later, the bowl was all a gooey mush. So he chucked the entire contents of the bowl in the soil. Guess what?

A thousand honeydew seedlings, sitting in the soil

A thousand honeydew seedlings, sitting in the soil

His method reigns supreme!!


3 Responses to “R: Sow how?”

  1. A: A THOUSAND seedlings??? Wow. We just ate our first harvest of salad leaves. 🙂

  2. Ok, I didn’t really count. It is just a very competitive clump. When he showed it to me, and I put 2 and 2 together in my head, I just rolled over in laughter. First harvest already!! You have a magical balcony too!

  3. A: Magic all around. Glutton’s gardens rock!

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