R: Stuffed mushrooms II & Strawberry Crumble

GFM made buffalo wings for dinner tonight, basting with our freshly homemade spicy tomato sauce. Inspired by A’s stuffed mushrooms, I did a vego one as an entree. With the mushrooms as big as saucers, 1 per person was more than enough!

Mushrooms make wonderful edible plates

After the wings, we had a strawberry fruit crumble for dessert. Hmmm…. it was sticky, blood red, and full of fruity goodness… so good that I forgot to take a picture before digging in! DOH!

I decadently split 1 punnet of strawberries among 3 ramekins then and added 2T of pimms, 1T of ginger wine and 1T of A’s lemon curd to each ramekin. To make the crumble, I blitzed 100g of wholemeal flour with 100g of cold butter then stirred in 100g of oats, a handful of chopped almonds and sunflower seeds. Finally, I topped the strawberries with the crumble mix and grated a little more butter on top for good measure.

After about 30mins in the 200degC oven, when the strawberries are bubbling up and engulfing the golden crumble, and the sweet smell of baked strawberries is in the air, you know its ready. Tuck in and try not to burn your tongue like I did!!

Point in time where I thought about taking a picture


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