R: Italian Hot Chocolate- Best in Perth !

GFM recently returned from a Tuscan holiday, and besides the awesome cycling he got to do, the other thing he raved about most was their hot chocolate. He loved its thick, creamy, mousse-like consistency and the rich depth of flavour. Having had a cup every single day he was there, he is now an authority on what makes a good hot chocolate.

Now, A & I have had it at Cafe Pronto in Claremont (Also excellent for its wonderful waitstaff!) and The Riverbank Winery at the Swan Valley, so we knew what he was talking about. So this became a challenge to me- how to make GFM praise-worthy hot chocolate!

Research on the internet didn’t throw up much details on where we could get it from (to sneakily investigate the ingredient list). There were Ciociatto , Hot Ciok and Ciobar available, but not much luck buying them in Perth. We were going to try the Re-Store at Leederville or Northbridge, but it was a Sunday and neither were open.

Then, thanks to the always dependable google, I found that other people what similiar quests for this magical hot chocolate. The Drunk Chef and The Diversionary suggested recipes to try out, and GOLLY GOSH! Who wouldav thunk that the trick to make a good chocolate extrodinary was cornflour!

Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

To make the hot chocolate for 2, I heated up 2 cups of milk with 4 squares of Lindt 85% chocolate (40g) and enough swiss hot chocolate mix to give it the right sweetness and colour. It is important you do not let the milk boil. I then slowly stirred the cornflour/water solution until it gave me that thick moussey consistency. Don’t go overboard as it will continue to thicken as it cools. I guess for more accurate measurements you should refer to the links above!

The GFM verdict? As good as the Italians do it! And that’s both green thumbs UP!!


6 Responses to “R: Italian Hot Chocolate- Best in Perth !”

  1. There are some great cafes serving hot chocolate out there! I’m yet to try out Epic Espresso and Lincoln’s famous chocolate drinks though.

    By the way, are you residing in Perth?

  2. Hi, I’m back with the addresses. 🙂

    Epic Espresso: 5/1297 Hay Street, but you need to enter it via Outram Street in West Perth. The only issue I have with this place is that their opening hours totally suck as it’s only open Mon-Fri. 😦

    Lincolns is on 102 Lincoln Street in Highgate. I haven’t personally tried their ice or hot chocolate… and they have some weird drink item thats a ice and hot chocolate combined – wouldn’t that make it a warm chocolate? lol Anyway, plastered on their doors are pictures of their belgian chocolate offerings which were in some food or home and lifestyle magazine.

  3. gluttondressedaslamb Says:

    A: I’m at Lincolns all the time! But it’s not me who has the hot chocolate addiction, it’s R. Their steak sandwiches and pancakes are so good, I never make it to dessert!

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