A: Get stuffed!

A mountain of produce still sits on my dining room table, begging to be stewed/baked/fried/bottled. I managed to utilise some of the capsicums last night by making stuffed peppers but had some leftover stuffing, which I saved for lunch today.

Arrived home starving this afternoon and after a quick consult, it was decided that stuffed mushrooms would solve a multitude of issues– leftover stuffing, mushroom glut and imminent starvation!

I used Karen Martini’s recipe for stuffed capsicum, which strikes a balance between my obsession with stuffed vegetables and man’s need for meat at every meal. Her stuffing consists of fried onion and garlic mixed with cinnamon, mint and chilli, breadcrumbs, egg, beef mince and parsley. I stuffed the mushroom with the mince mix, topped it with chopped tomato, parmasean and a knob of butter. Lots of seasoning and into the oven at 220C for 20 minutes!

We probably could have had this with a salad or bread on the side but for a light lunch, this was just perfect. In fact, I think I prefer the stuffed mushroom version to the pepper version!


One Response to “A: Get stuffed!”

  1. miss glutton Says:

    oohh.. looks yummy. i might give that a go!

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