A: Whatever we do, we’re not buying any tomatoes…

And so our journey into the realms of bulk-buying began at the wholesale markets on an early Saturday morning. R and I decided that no matter what, no matter how cheap, how plump, how beautifully presented, we were NOT going to even think about purchasing tomatoes as we knew of another place where we could get tomatoes cheap without needing to buy an entire box.

To say the markets were bustling would be a gross understatement. Buyers looked stressed at the very least, as they jostled their way through trolleys and crates and perilously stacked produce to procure the very best deals possible. No one should have to shop for fruit and vegetables this way, I thought to myself as I stressed vicariously through a sea of supreme bulk-buying experts. As the minutes ticked by and the crowds thinned, our shopping experience relaxed ever so slightly, helped incredibly by the drastically falling prices and great bargains that presented themselves as closing time approached (markets operate from 7-10am). R and I deduced early on that we must have been the most relaxed/excited/slow moving people in the entire building and a cursory glance about the place quickly confirmed this!

This is a great way to shop if you have friends to share the very generous portions in which produce is sold. It appears that the majority of shoppers are probably in the food business, but greedy gluttons are more than welcome! Occasionally, buyers get together to share boxes of fruit or vegetables and everyone leaves happy.

We definitely left very, very happy.

Needless to say, R and I combined have the self-control of a midsummer bush fire and of course, ended up with a massive box of tomatoes (how could we say no at A$5 a box???). Add to that a box of red capsicums at $20, positively gargantuan mushrooms (we counted 25 of them for $15), a shopping bag of basil for $2, 15 punnets of strawberries for $10 (still a little annoyed about this as the price dropped to $5 just before we left. Grrr.), 11 cucumbers for $4 and 3-for-$1 pumpkins equals very, very successful shopping trip!

Plump and juicy, each and every one a perfect round of meaty mushroom goodness!

Plump and juicy, each and every one a perfect round of meaty mushroom goodness!

I must admit, as we unpacked our haul at R’s place a remorse loomed over me ever so briefly I can liken it only the the guilt that washes over one the morning after a one-night-stand. Yes, it seemed like a great idea at the time but oh-my-god what have we done?!?!?!?!?! As with all guilt, I soon washed this one under the rug and proceeded to plan my preserving rampage for the week!

Pink lady apples and just-ripe tomatoes just screaming to be made into chutney!

Pink lady apples and just-ripe tomatoes just screaming to be made into chutney!

Made stuffed peppers and grilled mushrooms for dinner, while man (who is all-embracing of excess in every way, shape and form) insisted that the strawberries needed to be attended to first as they were bursting with ripeness and MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO ROT!

Enter: strawberry jam.


4 Responses to “A: Whatever we do, we’re not buying any tomatoes…”

  1. Miss Glutton Says:

    You have energy, despite all your claims about needing to go and have a nap now. HAHA. All our produce lies as you last saw it, and the only damage so far has been 5 moonlight mushrooms that went into the thickest creamiest mushroom soup every.

    LOVE the pics! I cracked up when i saw the group photo!

    Agree that the strawberries are the sweetest ever. Yay to glut embracing man. He has hope, yet.

  2. gluttondressedaslamb Says:

    A: I forgot to include the enoki and oyster mushrooms in the photo, as well as the eggplant. Oh well. I also forgot to put the port into the jam, argh!

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