A: Garden update

A little help to keep the baddies at bay!

A little help to keep the baddies at bay!

This week really felt like spring for a brief, brief moment as the sun shone its heart out and flowers burst open with mad colour in the parks and gardens. Then the heavens opened and unleashed a wet and wonderful downpour for all to enjoy as the temperature dipped to a chilly shiver once again. My version of the weather report aside, I am happy to announce my first ladybug of the season. Seen here resting comfortably on my chilli plant, ever-vigilant on the prowl for all them garden badboys.

I have been keeping a firm eye on my rocket and lettuce, and am totally rapt at their slow but very steady progress as they inch their way into my salad bowl!

They seem happy nestled into either side of the Meyer lemon tree, which is also doing well. We’re not expecting fruit this season, just trying to keep it happy until it is ready to fruit!!!

At last count we have 8 chilli plants on our generously-sized balcony, 4 long reds, 2 small round reds, 1 medium-length red and 1 small purple one. Who knows what their real names are, I was given most of these from a colleague’s garden and between the 2 of us this is the best in terms of labelling that we could come up with. Lots of healthy leaves at the moment and a couple of flowers but it looks like a promising chilli harvest awaits us. 🙂

Off to the Canningvale wholesale markets tomorrow with R. A cursory glance at my burgeoning fridge tells me that this is not a good idea, but greed and gluttony soon prevail so wholesale markets, here we come!


One Response to “A: Garden update”

  1. gluttondressedaslamb Says:

    Not expecting fruit? GASP. Why, I’d NEVER.. .TSK

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