R:EatingWA’s Oktoberfest 2008

Throngs outside the Paddo- Must be good!

Throngs outside the Paddo- Must be good!

After a very eventful MWD in the valley and A’s very successful trip to the Duckstein, I feel absolutely let down by the Oktoberfest we attended, organised by EatingWA.

Hmmp. We still can’t quite comprehend what our ticket cost of $30 per person went to. Was it….

The Stein of HB Beer?

The Stein of HB Beer?

Well… we did get the stein free, but we had to pay jug prices for the beers. The only beer on special was HB which was $15 a stein. So it wasn’t the beer…. did the $30 go to food perhaps?

Well… we thought there was going to be german food by Mondos and the chefs at the Kimberley Restaurant, and we would have tbe best meat/produce on bbq. (Hard to see we had the assumption- perhaps because it said so on the webpage?) However all there was on offer was half a bratwurst on a regular hotdog bun, drenched in regular ketchup and regular mustard. Quite unexpected of an event organised by a site that’s supposedly all about the food!

If you wanted to practice responsible drinking (that Eating WA repeatedly announced they encouraged) and eat while you are drinking, then the only other available food was pretzels that cost $5 a pop.So it wasn’t the food. Perhaps the $30 went towards the authentic german entertainment?

Well…there was a DJ playing popular music, and the tv had the rugby grand final on- but it was nothing that I would put $30 towards.

So, till this day, the $30pp ticket charge remains a puzzle. One thing’s certain- Eatingwa’s Mocktoberfest would be the (brat)wurst I’ve ever attended.


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