A: Chill Bill.

It’s been a busy, busy 2 weeks these school holidays. It all started with getting quotes for the cafe blinds on the balcony, and has escalated to us PURCHASING outdoor blinds PLUS indoor blinds PLUS curtains PLUS new plant pots on the balcony PLUS new bamboo floors!!! Then there were the 3 trips to Ikea that ended in a massive spend for doors. We’d purchased and assembled the shelves nearly a year ago now when the doors were out of stock. Of course we both got way too lazy and complacent and forgot about the doors up till NOW!

So, everything’s done now. The house is looking pretty decent and I think we’ve all earned a nice cup of tea and a lounge-about on the balcony!

TNT makes 2 teas that I adore– Chill Out tea, and Happy tea (which I keep at work to stave off even the hairiest of days).

I’m not entirely sure the herbs and spices do much in reality,  but I’d like to believe that they do. Besides, it tastes great and that’s good enough for me!

"After enduring a long day of mental or physical hard work, you deserve a pot of Chill Out Tea. No hustle and bustle, let the tea of the yoga work through the mind and body. Put yourself in the perfect mood to sit back and relax. It's chill out time."

So meow and I spent quality time pondering the greater mysteries of the universe on the balcony, watching the world go by, sipping tea and chasing flies.

Even cats need some chill out time!

Even cats need some chill out time!


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