A: Shanks you very much!

MWD with the girls on Monday followed by lunch at Sitella on Friday. You’d think I might be able to stay away from Swan valley for just a few more days but NO! Man and I decided to head to Duckstein for lunch today. The weather was lovely and we managed to get there just after opening, which was a good idea seeing how it was completed booked for indoor seating and we had to sit out in the courtyard!

Mmmm.... beer...

Mmmm.... beer...

We decided on the Cloudy Pils (our current Duckstein favourite) and I of course had the pork shank. Man’s meal choice was embarrassing considering we were at a German brew house– fish and chips. Sigh.

Having only recently tried the pork shank at Elmar’s, I am decidedly in favour of the Elmar’s over Duckstein for shank. The skin on the Elmar’s shank is far superior– crispy and totally edible, where the Duckstein shank’s skin was very chewy and not really worth the extra calories! The potatoes served at Elmar’s are crisp and gorgeously steamy on the inside compared to the so-so fried potatoes at D. Basically, Elmar’s have totally mastered the crisp-factor where it comes to potato and shank skin, where D really falls short. The shank itself was still quite lovely at D and went just beautifully with our pils. Beers between the 2 breweries are still comparable and quite competitive. No complaints in that department!

All in all it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Or any afternoon on any given day of the week, really.

We then headed to The Margaret River Chocolate Company for a look-see, which turned into a gluttonous chocolate frenzy culminating in a A$100 bill! Yay for champagne truffles and designer chocolate bars!!!


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