R: Making no bones about it

Everyone has their favourite restaurant dishes. Me, I can never go past a prawn/ scallop/bug tail spaghettini in olive oil. I’m not much of an entree person, however I am rather partial towards beef carpaccio/ tataki.

Having said that, one entree that i always succumb to under the slightest suggestion is Vietnamese stuffed chicken wings. Every time we go for pho, despite knowing full well that the servings are huge and having anything else would tip me over from being sensibly satisfied to having regretfully overeaten,  I still still still still do it- order the oh so scrumpdilliicious deep fried wings.

They must sense my dire weakness, for they can charge up to A$4 for a wing. I could get 2 kilos of raw wings for that price. Imagine, 15-20 stuffed wings, instead of just UNO. Hmm.. QUANTITY…..

So, yesterday being my final day of unemployment, I decided to prepare some wings in advance for consumption in the future. A provision for chicken wings, of some sort 🙂

Debone Dewings

Deboned wings

Mum and I tried this exercise once and we chopped the drumstick section off and only deboned the wing (middle) section. Recently W’s girlfriend EJ explained to me how to debone both the drumstick and the middle section, which I thought was wonderful- bigger stuffed wings!
It’s tricky to explain and too messy to take step by step pictures. The main rule is: do not tear/pierce/break the chicken skin. And the basic concept to get around the joints without breaking the main rule.
To do this, start off at the top of the drumstick section. Use a small knife and cut around the tendon to get the meat off the white knobbly part. After this, you can easily scrape/push the meat off the bone until you get to the next joint. If you jiggle the drumstick bone a bit, you should be able to just tear it away. Then you try to cut the meat off the joints at the wing section. When you have done that, just scape and push the meat along again and when you have a good grip of the 2 wing bones, just jiggle them till you can tear them away. Then just slip the wing/meat/skin back up and you should end up with a nice hollow tube like the picture above. I did 10 while a Judge Judy episode was on(30 min) so it doesn’t take a long time, it’s just fiddly.
Prepare the stuffing

Prepare the stuffing

Traditionally, the filling is made up of minced pork, garlic, onion, mung bean noodle, wood-ear fungus, shredded carrots and seasoning. But I was lazy and used Bi` that I bought from the Vietnamese shop instead. It is basically boiled pork rind and pork meat with a lot of garlic and is usually served with broken rice. I mixed the  Bi` up with some chopped coriander, wood-ear fungus and cabbage. Whatever goes! 🙂



This is the easiest bit, stuffing the wings. Simply poke and prod the stuffing into the tube and secure the opening with a toothpick. And there you have it, beautiful fat stuffed chicken wings.

You can bake them as they are, or steam them will they are cooked, then dust with flour, or dip in batter and deep fry. I haven’t quite decided, so I’ve just put them in the freezer, for when the craving calls……


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