R: For breadder or for worst..

It was chucking down buckets last week, and when one stays indoors looking out at the dam(p) gloominess that is the outside world, one inevitably things of warming up the inside with all sorts of homely goodness 🙂 And when I say homely goodness, 2 things spring to mind immediately, HOT SOUP or HOME MADE BREAD 🙂

Since I already had a pot of hot soup on the stove, it was home made bread, without question.

1. Measure up the ingredients and work the dough till it looks smooth and well, doughy. I personally like Richard Bertinet’s recipes and approach (see here or here) and always work the dough by hand. This time round, instead of water, i used the equivalent of milk + juice of 1 lemon.

2. Let it rise till double in size. In this weather, I left it on the kitchen bench to quietly meditate for about 4 hours while I went out to run some errands. Overturn dough onto table, knead and form into a tight ball, then return to bowl and allow to rise again.  I repeated this step just to see if it makes a difference.

3. Form dough into little balls. From 750g of flour, I got about 25 little balls. Arrange in a baking tin, allowing room for the balls to rise again.

4. Glaze the tops with egg wash, sprinkle a little topping (i used oats and sesame seeds) and bake till golden brown.

5.Allow to cool ten tear off a piece to admire your handiwork, and EAT. Wonderfully soft and fluffy fresh out of the oven, but dry and hard the very next day. Lesson: Eat it all on day 1, and that really isn’t hard to do 🙂


One Response to “R: For breadder or for worst..”

  1. Your bread looks – in shape, crumb and crust – very much like the traditional Swiss bread made for Epiphany (3 Kings Day, January 6). A golden cardboard crown is placed on top of the bread, and a little king’s figurine is hidden in one of the dough balls. The kid that gets the figurine becomes family king for the day and is released from all chores.

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