R: Doggone Dang Diggily Ding!

Every year at the royal show, some food item would catch my eye.  This year it was the rack of ribs. Flame grilled before your very eyes, BBQ baste blistering away. In a previous year, it was the Dagwood Doggone Dang Diggily Ding Dong Dog. Big, crumb coated crispiness on a stick, juicy ketchup running down the sides (image from flickr).

Whilst experience should have taught me that these fair-food always look and smell better than they taste, tricksy little foods they are, the nose and wallet ALWAYS fail to listen The initial disappointment then gradually erased by the hopeful expectation of next year’s must-try-item.

Last year, I saw hoards of people tucking into these massive serves of curly fries. Big twisted heaps of blond potato locks falling over itself, freshly deep fried, hot and steaming. Whole potatoes are attached to a electric hand drill then placed before a metal plate with a grating hole in the centre. Drill is switched on, and whole potatoes are turned into long potato strands. These are tossed into metal baskets and submerged into hot fat and deep fried.

Last year, I wanted to try them but didn’t because they were dear at $6. This year at $8, I thought it’s now or never! Verdict? Fries should have been double fried so that they are crisy instead of soggy. Perhaps a beer batter would make it even more drool-worthy. However, now that ive tried them, i can set my heart at ease and look forward to the hunt for the rack of ribs, next year.


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