A: Magic labels

R and I joke about how I seem to have an inexhaustible array of ingredients in my pantry at any one moment in time. (Due mostly to my obsessive grocery-buying rampages.) This joke started years ago and my pantry was thus christened “The Magic Pantry”. Anyone able to produce a pantry of similar magical prowess would then become proud member of the magic pantry society! R’s mum being gorgeous and super awesome, had these labels made for me a while back. I had been saving them for god knows what kind of special occasion and decided today that I would start using them. HOW CUTE ARE THEY??? There’s a whole variety of little characters and I love it love it love it! Naturally the first Magic Pantry product to be adorned with my sticker-friends was a batch of lemon butter, having been given a motherload of lemons just 2 days ago.

Welcome to dough's world? Gotta love it.

Yay for me!


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