Mundaring Truffle Festival

This weekend, I lugged L down to Mundaring to catch a whiff of the elusive truffle. I was on a “saffron” mission for the truffle- to check out what it really is about, and if it is worth they hype, and its weight in gold.

Disappointly, the only truffle you could see was enclosed in a glass dome, and the only truffle you could taste was truffle sauce, truffle mustard, truffle salt or truffle honey. Still determined to try a truffle ANYTHING to satisfy the curiosity, I forked out $5 for a (YES, ONE) steamed egg drizzled with truffle sauce, and a slice of brie that was sprinkled with truffle bits.

The verdict: L said that the brie was like brie with tastleless chocolate sprinkles, and the egg- I have to admit it was a pretty good custard, but the truffle- well, I wasn’t impressed. Hardly an exerience, much less a culinary one.

So we traisped off to Little Caesars’ for a true culinary adventure. We’ve tried The Don and White Rock’s Roast previously. Yesterday, we went for Jane’s addiction and Roman Empire. And DAMN they were good! Even better, as we had them at a place with a view- Hovea Falls.

Haha. Yes, while L was capturing the beauty of nature, I took pictures of food.


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