A: Getting serious in the kitchen.

Although phases of life are often indicated by hair growing in awkward places and covert trips to the bathroom with secret women’s business tucked under your shirt, there are also the less obvious indicators for other meaningful (and far less embarrassing) stages of grown-up-ness that are worth mentioning.

As addictive as student living was for me, it came a time where cooking on electric cooktops; baking on one side of the oven as the mystery cold spot on the second shelf grew exponentially; learning to love caked-on black spots on your pans and eating off op-shop rejects JUST WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH ANYMORE. So, when uni finished and man and I decided we were ready to be home-owners, I waved goodbye to my $30 kmart saucepan set (which disappeared almost the instant we placed it out on the verge for bulk rubbish pickup), and said a warm hello to my first set of Scanpan cookware.

It’s like when mum first brought home a remote-controlled TV. How could you possibly look back?

I have since added to my collection of grown-up kitchenware, and could probably recite the order in which items were purchased if asked!

So, when asked if we would like to review the (fairly) new Scanpan cook’s knife, the sentiment in me perked up and we (naturally) said YES!

I decided to skip the gimmicky knife tests (i.e. throwing raw tomatoes over the blade, cutting through frozen spinach followed by a tin can etc.) and used it as per normal for a week. I was initially a little suspicious of a knife made by a company that had specialized in pots and pans for so long now, not dissimilar to the skepticism that surrounds a soap-star’s first music album. HOWEVER, I must say that both man and I were very pleased with this new addition to our over-stocked kitchen!

Used it all week on an array of ingredients– chocolate, onions, carrots, meat, cabbage, Maltesers (for a cookie so disastrous it shall never be mentioned again), etc. Here is my verdict:

Price: Absolute great value for money. It retails for $90, which is quite steep but for $43.95 at Kitchenware Direct it’s a fantastic bargain,

Performance: This knife is a little heavier than other cook’s knives I have owned, but that suits me just fine. It it slightly weighted towards the handle, which is great for slicing and dicing while pivoting on the tip of the knife. (I’m sure there’s a professional term for this but I’m no professional so bear with my lack of fancy terminology!). Despite my shoddy pretense at real-chef-style slicing, the knife prevailed and forgave my clumsy and often direction-less wielding. It was a top performer with the usual suspects like carrots and onions, doing what I wanted where I wanted it done and doing it well.

It’s definitely sharp, and having only used it for a week I cannot bear testament to the length of time in which it will stay this sharp. I can only say that good knife maintenance is key to being a responsible knife owner and if in doubt of how of when to steel or use a whet stone, watch this video.

All in all we are extremely excited about our new knife, which really isn’t ours since we promised it to R to review and keep for herself (man is not happy about this but we currently own a great knife block and this. So adding another knife to the mix would only be a show of complete and unadulterated greed!).

Who should buy this knife? This would make a great first REAL knife (chuck out your 3-for-$10 knives now!). I think the weight makes it a good novice knife (time to get used to not having to slash with all your might without worrying about knife-slippage) and the price is very, very reasonable for those on a smaller budget.



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