A: When in Rome…

… eat Roman broccoli!

This is my new favourite vegetable. I don’t actually think it has anything to do with Rome, or even Italy. But it is lovely in all respect to vege-dom. Firm like cauliflower, but tastier and way prettier. Man and I are very pleased with this great find!

Decided to keep it simple since I wasn’t sure what to expect, so blanched its beautiful conical florets in boiling water and served it up with home-made hollandaise. Mmmm…. I’m hooked!

Speaking of hollandaise, which most recipes insist on calling on a double boiler and way too much fiddling, I have decided that a food processor and microwave will pretty much produce the same results. I have fiddled and I have blitzed, and am sold on the blitzing.

5-minute hollandaise


2 egg yolks

125g butter

2 tbsp white wine vinegar (if you can be bothered, it’s worth reducing 1/4 vinegar with a bay leaf and white peppercorns to get your 2 tbsp worth, but the taste is comparable nonetheless)

Squeeze of lemon, seasoning


Place egg yolks into processor with salt and pepper and blitz.

Melt butter (in microwave or pan- 20s in the microwave should do it!)

With the motor running, add hot melted butter to egg yolks slowly (mind you, I added it all at once and managed to not make scrambled eggs, so it’s up to you.)

Add vinegar and lemon juice, tasting as you go and adjusting the seasoning as you like.

That’s it!

Hollandaise does thicken on cooling– I just give it 10s in the microwave and it’s as good as new! (Don’t count on reheating it more than once though, it WILL split!)

I must mention that the conical design of the Roman broccoli made it perfect dipping material for the hollandaise. šŸ™‚


2 Responses to “A: When in Rome…”

  1. gluttondressedaslamb Says:

    I’ve seen it but always thought it looked too weird to try!! Haha!!

  2. I first saw this lovely but startling vegetable in the campo di fiore market in Rome. Bought seeds, plants growing vigorously but no heads yet!

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