A’s been going as wild with her lemony posts, as she has making all sorts of lemon produce. Which is sort of seasonal- winter lemons, summer berries…. its an exciting continuous madness!

I haven’t quite encounterd a lemon glut as yet- my modest eureka tree is only in its first year of fruiting. But with all the great dreams I have for it, I wanted to marry my great expectations with a great memory of this fantastic self-saucing lemon pudding I made ages ago.

I dug out my old fashioned favourites cookbook and found (eureka!) a recipe for an old fashioned (what else!) lemon pudding. And you know how some people have this absolute fear of making souffles, and rate the souffle-making-trauma as poorly as cooking rice?

The lemon surprise that did

My lemon pudding had even greater ambitions and wanted to be a souffle!!!! HUH!!!

Ah…. the quest continues….


One Response to “Bandwagon”

  1. gluttondressedaslamb Says:

    You souffle looks like a glorious success! 🙂 Had a disastrous cookie-bake-out on the weekend. I think we might share a kitchen ghost!

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