R: Asian crisps

Perth is ABUZZ with sales at the moment. 50% mid year sale! Take an additional 30% off!! $20 off already reduced prices!!! $4.97 all dresses!!!!!!! So many shops, so little hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dizzy with excitment from the low low prices, i mistook the high derived from multiple purchases, for i-can-do-anything-if-i-put-my-mind-to-it bravado, and tried to alter my new acquired pants (plural), lest I double the price by the cost of professional alterations!

And I got to it without much hemming and hawing too!

Unfortunately i was right and there really wasn’t much hemming done at all.  This was my *2nd attempt*, and I used mum’s sewing machine as well. I knew as much at 14 when I cried every night before my home economics sewing assignments were due. Why did I think I could do it decades on? But then again, sew what if i can’t?

So I stuck to what I can- COOK! 🙂 Presenting, fying keropok (prawn crackers) 101!

1. Heat up oil


2. Put craker in, hold flat with chopsticks


3. Remove when fully expanded

TADA! As simple as ABC 🙂 And even simpler whan sewing. Phhhffft.


And just to how myself how great I am at other things than sewing- the chicken ‘tagine’ I made using A’s lu(s)cious preserved lemons!


One Response to “R: Asian crisps”

  1. gluttondressedaslamb Says:

    I’m not so sure frying keropok counts as “cooking” . OMG your post has an automated link to “hot asian girls”!!! What have you done to our blog???

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