A: Lemon season is officially upon us!!!


Bring on the Meyer lemons, Eurekas, limes that look like lemons, limes that look like lemons but taste decidedly like limes, Lisbon lemons,, big ones, little ones, bumpy ones, smooth ones yay!

I have a new lemon lady- she inherited a small orchard when she and her husband bought a place down south and it’s awash with all sorts of goodies! Not Meyer lemons (my ultimate favourite) but lemons nonetheless. (And persimmons and chestnuts and much more to come!)

Have done 1 jar of preserved lemons and lots of lemon butter but not much else as yet.



2 Responses to “A: Lemon season is officially upon us!!!”

  1. miss glutton Says:

    I didn’t tell ya! I made a moroccon-style chicken tagine (in my chinese claypot) the other day. basically to use up all the veg at the bottom of the fridge and cos i was hankering for a hearty stew.

    Put in dried apricots and prunes, some fabulous spicy olives, and half of one of your awesome preserved lemons.

    Served with a couscous laced with more chilli, parsley, celery and sauteed onions. it was SOOOOOO gratifying. Your preserved lemons rock!!

    p/s: my pantry is better than yours cos they haven’t expired yet! WHOOHOO. take that magic pantry.

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