A: Haunted oven/pantry

Botched up a lemon slice BIG TIME a couple nights ago. So much that I was too ashamed to even consider photographing it. Granted, I decided to make it in a new set of tart tins instead of a baking tray, which is what caused the giant leak, which resulted in giant pool of lemon filling on bottom of oven, which resulted in big black gooey mess, which ended up in big old sulk on kitchen floor.

THEN came the wonderfully moist chocolate cake that I have made over and over again with no trouble, that decided NOT TO RISE!!! Turns out self-raising flour really does expire and the pantry isn’t a rot-free zone like the fridge (because we all know that the fridge is a safe haven from all bacteria and spoilage, and food lasts infinitely in the fridge). Tastes ok but way too dense. 😦

flat choc cake

And FINALLY came the buttermilk chocolate cupcakes that just couldn’t quite hackit. Cupcake tins too full, not full enough, all in all they just didn’t look right!

sunken chocolate muffinoverflowing cupcake

So I picked out the best of the lot, slapped on some frosting and played with the cat.

frosted cupcakes

Try and try again they say!


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