R: baby bak baby bak baby bak….

Not quite silver bells or cockle shells, but……

Baby bak baby bak baby bak choy!!!!!!

Green Fingers Miller (a.k.a GFM) has been flat out tending to the crop and here’s our latest harvest.

Bak choy (literally means “White vegetable”) is one of the most popular and well known chinese vegetable. It goes well in soups and stir-fries as it is sweet and very palatable.

Just last night, GFM cooked a fabulous stirfry with spinach (would well be bak choy), carrots julienne, garlic shoots, and green banana prawns.

Another surprise crop currently living in the bird bath is:  Mr Water Cress!

We originally got a bunch from the Subi Markets. After using all the nice young leaves, we put the stalks in water, and it grew tremendously long, thick roots.

We then moved it to the bird bath and topped it with soil… and it developed a whole new leash of life!

Watercress is fabulous in a pork rib soup. Simply make a stock out of pork bones. Just before serving, throw the watercress in, and turn the heat off. This will allow the watercress to wilt, but only *just*, and impart a wonderful flavour to the soup.

We also have a first harvest of a beautiful raddish. Look out for it!


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