A: Man Makes Miso. Mmm…

Suffering from post big-night-out head means we spent most of yesterday eating scraps directly out of the fridge. Half a tub of green olives, 2 tomatoes, a slab of halloumi, 1 cotechino sausage, way too many Margaret River Chocolate Company truffles and a jar of pickles made for an eclectic degustation on a cold winter’s night. So MAN decides to take charge and make soup.

Miso soup in a hurry

bonito flakes

Into pot of boiling water add 2 manfuls of bonito flakes. Turn off, let stand for 4 minutes and strain if desired. (Man decided this wasn’t necessary and we just ate all the bonito after.)

dried seaweed

Add a sparing amount of dried seaweed.

Red miso paste

Add 2-3 generous tablespoons of soybean paste and stir well. Taste and adjust as needed.



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